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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like I said last time, it might just be best to move backwards in the "catch up" of my blogging.
I was going through the pictures we took in December and cracked up at the ones from our Christmas program at church. NONE of my oldest turned out. She is a blur in them all. How disappointing! But I did get some good ones of the younger two. I even got the one of my son with his finger in his nose, but am not sharing it today. This was the first program with my youngest, Curly Top, participating. She was not involved in any of the 2 rehearsals, so she really didn't know what to think. Luckily she was a sheep and there were 2 shepherds to keep her in line. My little Curly Top loves baby dolls. Especially dolls with hair or eye lashes. She is a thumb sucker, and while she sucks she plays with hair or eye lashes. In the program, baby Jesus did not have hair, but he did have lashes. So I got a picture of her hand in the manger trying to get those lashes. And the second picture is my Coco Bean and Curly Top just standing and looking out at the crowd, and just being. Not being funny our loud or even happy! These cannot be my children! I am a smile-er. All the time. Smile. How in the world can they just stand there in the spot light and not be a teeny weeny bit thrilled to be there? I LOVE this picture. These two kiddos did not have a hard task in the program. They were to be sheep. No lines, no songs. But my oldest, AJ, was a narrator. One of three. They basically told the nativity story in modern day language while the other kids acted it out. Short, sweet, to the point, and they did a good job. AJ even smiled the entire time. I knew she was mine. :)

Well, it looks like the pictures did not load in order. The first is my non-smilers, and the second is Curly Top getting those lashes.

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  1. As I was admiring your beautiful children, I was trying to figure out what church you were at!!! The new carpet makes a huge difference!