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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I don't even know how the word is pronounced, but I delved into the wonderful world of Amigurumi today. The definition is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. My owl is complete with moving wings. Though I am not sure if they are supposed to move or not. And the other picture, you ask? The one that resembles the poor Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz with body parts scattered here and there? Does the picture look like 3 little mice and one spider are predators to the... yellow rectangle? They are not! Once I do a little more surgery on that fellow, he will impressively be a LION! When I finish him, and it won't be tonight for I am crocheted out for the day, I will prove it with another fashion shot. My daughter kept looking over my shoulder wanting to know how I was making the animals, and she decided to take one of the hooks and crochet 2 lines of a wash cloth today. (because being the mean mommy that I am, I would not teach her to do this today. my patience was running a little thin.) And my 3 year old son claimed the owl. He said, "Are you making my owl?" To which I replied, "No, I am not. I am making MY owl." :) Yesterday I stumbled upon the free patterns from Lion Brand, here, printed out half a dozen, and am so excited to create them all. My favorite, I think, and I know she's going to take a lot of work, is a purple Hippo in a bikini. Hilarious, I think. Makes me smile. The patterns are rated easy. Time consuming, but easy. I think it took me about 5 1/2 hours to do this much, granted, there were about a BAZILLION interruptions.
Moving on, I had a question as I was eating supper tonight. Does half a Fuji apple balance out chocolate chip pancakes for supper? Um, can you guess what my son and I had for our last meal of the day? We did. And we enjoyed every bit of it. Mr. K. went to work, and darling daughter #1 went to a friend's, so it left the 3 yr old, the bambino, and myself. Yes, the bambino nibbled on the pancakes, too. No syrup for her, and I didn't give her apples, either. The children were so sticky and chocolaty they got to indulge in a bubble bath before bed tonight. Ahh. The joys of childhood. Good Night!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little chicken?

As dinner time was quickly approaching, I realized I had forgotten to put my whole chicken in the crock pot this morning. So I took yet 'another' opportunity to get on the blessed computer today and googled "whole chicken recipe" and came up with a very satisfying bird. Very very simply, I shook and sprinkled nothing but salt, cracked pepper and onion powder on the chickie (inside and out), and then put "dallops" of margarine on the top of it, after inserting 3 tbsps of margarine inside the bird. I was giggling to myself, scratch that! I was full belly laughing as I was invading this foul's space, repeating, "You want me to put my what...in the What What???" Am I the only one who remembers that commercial from a few years back? Well, I know my older sister remembers it, only because I remind her of it each and every time either of us fix chicken or turkey. And we both still laugh hysterically like little school girls.
Wanna know why I forgot to house the chicken in the crock pot for the day? I'll tell you anyway! I got out my Motivated Mom's cleaning schedule (that has been nicely tucked away in a desk drawer and forgotten about for a year and a half) and decided to get busy. Ahhh. It is wonderful to step into the kitchen in socked feet and not get stuck in dried juice drops, shaken from the spout of a "no-drip" sippy cup from a toddler. Why? Because the floor was mopped!!! And there are no more smiley faces drawn in the dust on the piano bench. Why? Because it was dusted!!! I love the Motivated Mom's system. (don't scoff at me--its been a busy year and a half!) Some women took oodles of time and divied up the household duties and split them up into very do-able tasks, and then published it for all of the domestically impaired house wives to use and learn from, for a very minimal fee. And if you are like me, and have a hard time doing a daily Bible devotion, they even have a calendar with daily reading built in. BONUS! Kudos to the Motivated Moms group. My husband thanks you!

Half way through the day, and still in my pajamas!

Once again I am still on the computer instead of doing the "house wifey/mommy/seamstress" duties. I am intrigued by all of the blogs I read about sewing and cooking and cloth diapering. I confessed to my sister last week that I did not think I was worthy of creating my own blog. However, I wanted to become a follower of a select few blogs, and to do so meant having to have my own blogger account, from what I understand. Don't you think that while I am creating my own account, I may as well have my own blog, too? Only makes sense to me. So, instead of getting up and getting all ready, I sat down at the computer with my cup of coffee to wander through this site and see if I could actually create an account and a page. Thank Heaven's the instructions are written for dummies! After taking my sweet time, I do believe a page has been born. And with this page comes responsibilities. Therefore, I solemnly promise to only post things I think are too wonderful to keep to myself. I will not post about the mundane things ie: today I cleaned the spilled coffee grinds off the floor, and that was it. I promise to not flaunt my family as being the best, most perfect family in the universe, because honey, let me tell you, we are not! I will not give financial advice because I am not a millionaire. But I will share the simple joys, the things that make me smile, and the things I continually learn that help me become a better wife, mommy, and friend. Fair? I hope you read and enjoy my future postings, even if you found them by accident.