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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've been in the egg biz too long when...

While heading into town tonight the monkeys and I were talking about the sad event that happened with the kitty and the dog. 5 year old monkey pipes up from the back seat, "I have an idea. The momma kitty just needs to lay another kitten, then we'll have more." Oh, my. Too funny. Did we correct him? No way!!!

How NOT to catch a tomato

I was standing at the counter peeling and quartering tomatoes today, preparing them for canning. Peeled and quartered tomatoes are quite slippery. One section slipped from my hand and the first thing I thought was "Catch it before it hits the floor!!" One hand was holding a knife, and the other was covered in tomato juice, so I did what seemed rational at the time and caught it with my hip. Yeah, the peeled tomato quarter was between my hip and the counter. Luckily I was wearing a gray t-shirt used mainly for lounging around the house and not my best "going out" white shirt. The moral of the story is: When preparing food and working in the kitchen, wear an apron.
(Grim reaper music playing in the background)
While I was weeding the tomatoes and green peppers I heard a little kitten meowing. I was smiling to hear the little fellow. I kept weeding. Then I heard my oldest monkey screaming, "NOooo LadyBird!!!" So I look up and see her in hot pursuit of the boxer dog. The boxer had the kitty in its mouth and was running and shaking it like it was a chew toy. We got the kitty from the dog. Dear daughter took the kitty to the porch to nurse it and I no more than got another weed pulled when I heard another kitty meowing. I ran to investigate and found yet another kitty in that dog's mouth! I rescued the kitty and ordered daughter to put the dog on a leash and tie it to the porch. Daughter was sobbing. She did as she was told. I got to looking over the kitties. The 2nd kitten was fine; just had a little doggy drool in her hair. But the first kitty was not so lucky. I could tell by looking at it that something was very very wrong. She didn't have any "out ward" injuries, but she wasn't moving. About 30 minutes later, I pronounced her dead. Darling daughter sobbed and sobbed. These kittens were born a few weeks ago to our neighbor/landlord's wild cats. They stayed on her back porch for a few days, then the mama cat moved the kitties. We didn't know for two weeks where she had moved the little babies until one evening my oldest monkey went on a quest to find them. And she did!!! They were well hidden in a place we do not venture to. A space we don't invade. The well house. Since her discovery, daughter has gone to visit the kittens daily. She has named all three: Starbucks (see, she is my kind of kid), Navy Blue (her absolute favorite), and Mittens (actually named by my middle monkey). The dog killed Navy Blue. Daughter keeps asking, "Why did it have to be MY kitten she killed?" What she fails to realize, and it really is a hard pill to swallow, is that the kitten who isn't really hers, was killed by a dog who really wasn't "ours". I can think of it like that and not be overcome with grief. But to an 11 year old girl, That dog killed Her cat. Nothing I can say right now will change her mind. And that is why I am not going to tell her how I see it. When her daddy gets home today, we will be having a kitty funeral.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is there a way to sum up the last 6 months without blogging what would seem like "The Longest Story Ever"??? I will try. Here goes. Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

We moved from the city into the country. I only agreed to move because I was promised my own sewing room. It worked out because the house we had to sell was sold to the first couple who looked at it, and because the house we were living in (my grandma's) immediately had new renters that were as impatient as I'll get out to get in. We now have plenty of room to stretch out in, and plenty of storage space for all our things. We are trying to simplify and become self sufficient, so that led us to a garden, chickens, and pigs. I haven't hardly gotten a chance to sew, but the machine (or is it the room) is now beckoning me to spend time there. My youngest monkey is a pure mimic of my son. Copy cat extraordinaire. I asked her if she wanted big kid undies just like brother's. She said yes. I told her if she wears them, she has to use the toilet just like brother. She said OK. We got home from the store, she put on the undies, and she has been potty trained since. WOW! She's had a handful of accidents, but not in the car, and only once at night. What a change from using cloth diapers!! I am learning to can. So far we have pickles, green beans, and tomatoes. I've also made homemade rolls and bread. My husband has learned to build a pig pen. I have had to dispose of 2 dead chickens. Dead from the heat, poor girls. We have lived without air conditioning when the heat index has been over 105 for weeks on end. The kids have been sleeping in the living room instead of upstairs in their rooms because of the heat. I have killed one opossum with a .22 handgun, and my hubby has killed a momma opossum and 5 babies. Started out with a .22, and then had to move up to a shovel to decapitate them. Yuck. We've acquired a pure bred boxer because she was dumped down the road. We've seen loads of deer, a few snakes, killed hornets, fought mice, and welcomed kittens. The kids have gotten to ride a horse named Sadie. And we've played in the creek. We've also had a lot of company over the last few months. We will continue to home school this year. The oldest monkey has already started, and I'm trying to figure out when I'll start the middle monkey in kindergarten.

I am so thankful my husband wanted to move. I am so thankful he coerced me with a sewing room. Where we are is so peaceful. He and I make it a point to have coffee together every morning he is home whether he is here for the day, or will be heading off to work. Our family eats all of our meals together at the dining room table. (I mean we can actually use the table because it is not covered with my fabric and sewing projects!!!) We do not have cable, so our schedule is not built around favorite television shows. I am learning to plan and schedule a tad bit better, because we can't just hop in the car and run to the store whenever I feel like it. The kids are getting used to "staying home" rather than running around. Now don't get me wrong. Life is not perfect. I mean, there is a cow pasture right outside the dining room windows. Let me tell you, on a 100 degree day, that is a pleasant aroma drifting around! But, I grew up next to the fairgrounds and learned a long time ago how to hold my nose and keep breathing. And our basement is not finished. There are 3 rooms in the basement and it can be rather scary. Brown recluse spiders the size of my hand! I only do laundry when there's day light. I am a chicken. The house was built in 1924. It is old, but it has been very well maintained, and it is beautiful. The woodwork is gorgeous. Now, the lime green carpet in the living room is less than desired, but that's okay because we're going to rip it up and throw it out and refinish the hard wood floors underneath. And our landlord is like family.

OK, I am impressed. I don't think I have ever squeezed 6 months onto one page before. Can I have a balloon???

After some prodding from friends and family on facebook (well, they are my real friends and family in real life as well) I am going to try to blog more regularly. So, until next time!!!