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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its been a long time, you say? Have you missed me? Would you like to know what we're up to?
We have been enjoying the pork from the freezer. AJ has not missed taking care of the pigs. In fact when Prince Charming and I talked about getting more pigs, she quickly piped in "NO WAY". Coco Bean is now reading with ease. He can also do basic addition and subtraction. He would much rather have 50 problems crammed onto one notebook paper than do 50 flash cards. Curly Top is no longer curly, except on very high humidity days. So I'm thinking we need to give her another nick-name... How about what we call her every day: Nickel Pickle.
In trying to come up with something to blog about just now, my heavy thinking was interrupted by something in my peripheral view. Coco Bean is Indiana Jones today. His cowboy hat is his fedora. His old monkey leash (backpack with a harness on it) is his whip and satchel. And his little voice is continuously humming the Indiana Jones theme song. I looked up in time to see him "lasso" a metal vine on my bakers rack, and he had a look of determination on his face. With his hands he was pulling on that whip to make sure it really was secure, and instantly I knew what he was thinking. Before he could raise his foot to climb, I blurted, "Indiana, don't you even think about scaling my bakers rack, or there will be big trouble!" He looked at me, gave me a sheepish grin, and unhooked the monkey tail leash from my piece of furniture. I guess I guessed it right! Oh, my.
Nickel Pickle is now begging for a snack. Less than 10 minutes ago she had a 2 egg omelet. She's wanting dessert. Can anyone say she's MY child??
I finally got caught up on pillow orders. Last month. I have a few I need to finish for gifts from myself. I have missed sewing for my own family. But I believe the sewing shoppe will close for just a bit to outside orders so I can have a little break from the pressure, and so I can sew for my house for the holidays and my kids for Christmas. (Christmas is less than 3 months away, People!!)
While the kids enjoyed public school last year, the parents (myself and Prince Charming) did not enjoy the fact there were drugs in 6th grade!, the multiple PG-13 movies the 12 year old class watched without parental consent, and the sad realization AJ was not challenged at all- basically her education was put on hold for a year. We had heard enough about her class being "the bad eggs" from countless teachers and parents and we didn't want her to become one. Coco Bean did wonderful in kindergarten. I have a great amount of respect for his teacher being able to wrangle 21 kids, and teach them to count, read and write. They are both back home with me this year, and we are back on track with the Robinson Curriculum. Both kids were upset they would not be seeing their friends every weekday, but I think they are thrilled to go on fun field trips (such as a corn maze), and that they don't have to be standing at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus at 6:45 am. And maybe mama's lunch is better than school lunch. :) (and Coco Bean really loves he can be Spiderman, Mario, Peter Pan, or Indiana Jones as he does his work.)
I do not have any pictures to share this post. Our computer bit the dust, got fixed, and then after being re-booted it bit the dust again. Computers do not have 9 lives like cats do, unfortunately. My wonderful landlady/friend/grandma-to-the-kids-figure has kindly let me borrow her computer. Out of respect to her, I will not fill her computer with all of my pictures. Though she might actually like them, I don't want her to feel like I'm making her watch all my slides from a vacation 20 years ago.
I guess that's about it for now. I am going to enjoy one more cup of coffee, and make sure the children are on track with today's lessons, and then I am going to sew.