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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

So many things to talk about. After all, Christmas came and went, as did all the Christmas projects. But where to start? I could smush it all in this one posting, but I fear you may be sleeping before the last sentence. So I shall hit a few hi-lites. Maybe start with today and work myself backwards?? I think that sounds like a plan because I made something I really LOVE today. Earlier this week I was re-introduced to a site I get lost in. A site I love. A site containing only patterns. Go figure. Me? Love patterns? Noooo. And while I was on that site I found the most perfect pattern for any child's gift! A personalized name pillow. How perfect the timing; we had a birthday party to go to today for a 3 year old precious little friend. The pattern didn't call for anything crazy, and most pieces were conjured out of larger fabric scraps I already had. Silly me. I printed out said pattern Thursday morning. I was going to clean a bit (will save that story for another post) and then sew. But a little bit of cleaning turned into a rampage, so I didn't sew. Then yesterday I needed to run to town for errands in the morning and was going to sew in the afternoon, but I got some crazy kind of pressure build up in my eyes and had to lay down for a while instead. So, that left this morning as the only sewing time available before the party. Hmm. Does this sound familiar? Me--waiting until the last moment to start a big project? Noooo. Not me... I got up a little early, made coffee and muffins, checked my favorite Internet sites, and then marched up to my sewing room. My Fun Room. And I went to work. I emerged at noon with a finished product. I showed my kids to see if they approved. And now all of them want their own pillow. I do believe I can accommodate their wishes. But not tonight. Then I had to hurry like my pants were on fire to shower and get ready to leave the house by 1:15. Hmm. Do you think I cut the time a little close? Yeah, well, who's counting? Well tell me, how do you think it turned out?
P.S. The site I got the pattern from is youcanmakethis.com


  1. Love the pillow...what an adorable gift. Now, I was going to chide you for not sharing the site because your post script was not in my email version of this post. Glad I came here instead. Will have to check out the site and thanks for sharing...sweet friend! :o)

  2. Thank you!!! When I went back to re-read the post I saw I had left the most important part out and knew my faithful readers would be curious. lol Warning: this site may take up too much of your precious time.
    Love and hugs your way!!

  3. The pillow is adorable! I never would have made it to the party with pillow in hand had I followed your schedule ;) You are terrific!