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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping the vampires away

I woke up in the night feeling like my tongue was not helping me swallow right. I went back to sleep. After my alarm so delicately woke me up this morning (note the sarcasm), I found my handy dandy flashlight and bathroom mirror, and looked at my tonsils. Holy smokes. They are swollen so big they are almost touching. So I found the garlic bulb on the window ledge, took off a clove, did the Rachel Ray smash it with the blade of a knife move, sliced it into about 8 pieces, and one by one swallowed about 5 of them with gulps of water. Then I proceeded to gargle with some potent salt water. I think in my pre-coffee stupor I was expecting instant renewal of health. Instead I got instant garlic burps. I know the garlic will help, but in the meantime I know I will be warding off the vampires. and the kids. and the prince charming. Hmm. Maybe I will get some quiet time today after all!!!

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