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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Curly Top climbed on my lap and started frantically taking off her socks. She was whimpering. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "There's bugs on my feet!" I looked at her feet closely and didn't find any bugs. I told her so. She cried and said, "NO, there's bugs on my feet!" Then it dawned on me. She had been sitting, crouched over on the floor coloring for quite some time. Her feet were asleep, and this is how she describes that prickly sensation! Phew. I am glad there aren't really bugs on her feet!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Bloomers!

Ahem. May I have a drum roll please?? I said I didn't think there would be bloomers to go with tomorrow's ensemble. I also said I wasn't a quitter. Well, after the Hamburger Helper gave me a boost of carbola-energy, I went back to the sewing room and whipped out the bloomers. I skipped the 3 tucks that are supposed to be at the ankles, and instead cut off about 8 inches of length, put in a 1 1/2 inch hem, and sewed lace at the fold line. I also added a little blue bow to the seam at the hem line. Just for kicks. And I saw them in another person's blog and wanted to duplicate, even though hers were pink. I had blue thread in the machine, so I went with blue. But looking at the bloomers, I think I need to add at least one or two tucks, otherwise I think AJ will look like she's wearing white pants under her dress. The pattern does show the bloomers at pants length, so, I will think about it for just a bit and see what I end up with.
Phew. What a day. Now I'm off to the shower. Bliss.
Ok. Roughly 5 1/2 hours later I have FINISHED the dress!!!!! And I am thinking there will be no bloomers for tomorrow.
So, what crossed my mind today?
*I am psycho
*My back hurts
*I have a headache the size of Texas, and its still lingering
*My darling daughter had better LOVE this dress or I will strangle her
*If my darling daughter does not LOVE this dress, I will have it shrink wrapped in that specialty acid free paper and save it for Curly Top
*I can't wait to see AJ in this dress
*I inwardly laughed when AJ asked me what I was making and I replied, "A bar dress for some lady in town" and she replied "cool" and walked away
*I am thankful for the VCR and DVD player
*I owe AJ big time for making her make Hamburger Helper for supper tonight
*I am so glad I didn't buy the same pattern in Curly Top's size thinking I'd get a set done for her by tomorrow too
*Like stated in earlier post, the pattern is not hard, just VERY time consuming
*There is enough material in the skirt alone that I could make a tent and hide in it
*I'm glad I found some non-scratchy eyelet trim in a box of "left overs" that was my grandma's. This will make AJ happy too
*If this pattern is historically accurate, no wonder girls/women could wear the same dress for years: tons of fabric, gathered and cinched with ribbon at the neck, arms and waist. And its long enough to accommodate growth spurts
*At about 5:00 I went brain dead and couldn't figure out how to do the last two tucks above the hem of the skirt. I had just done the first one! It took lots of calculating in my head, looking at the pattern, looking at a ruler, and head scratching to finally get the job done
*The pattern said to hand sew the hem in place for the hidden hem seam affect. I rebelled and said an out loud "NO" and I machine stitched it. I even thought about using invisible thread so it couldn't be seen. But I didn't. I used the same thread used throughout the dress. Hem Police, come and get me.
*Maybe I should brush my teeth today so my children don't faint over when I try to kiss them
*Wearing pajamas all day does save on laundry, and its oh so comfy
*I do need a shower. A long hot shower. I am hoping one will help with my muscle pains from hunching over most of the day
*I am so glad this is over!
*I can't wait to see it on her! I was going to give it to her tonight, but my Prince Charming called and said he wants to see her face when she gets it. He won't be home until tomorrow morning. So, I will be patient
*I guess I should spend some time with the kiddos tonight. And then glorious sleep will take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently I am insane. Yesterday and this morning I thought I was Wonder Woman or something. Maybe Nancy from Sewing with Nancy, or Martha Stewart. Those women can pick up anything and with a slight wave of the hand over a pattern and a piece of fabric and a short amount of time at their sewing machine, the finished product appears! There is no "unsewing" with the seam ripper, there are no harsh words spewed from their mouths, there is just a pleasant Cinderella smile that silently says, "There now, that wasn't hard, was it?"
I think of myself as an experienced seamstress. But today I had to look up "understitching". Did you know that term is not in my prized "Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing: a Wise Book" from 1955? So I had to take a little Google break. But I learned what it was and did it.
I usually do not read through a pattern before I begin. I just tackle the project head on. I should have read this M4...whatever the number is. It is not a "hard" pattern, per say. But it is TIME CONSUMING. If I were just making one thing off the pattern, say the bonnet, I would be finished and sewing room put back together. But I was, as stated before, INSANE. I thought I could make the dress, apron, bloomers and bonnet in 2 days. Count them. TWO. Along with laundry, cooking, dishes, and children. HA HA HA. I didn't think ahead. When Curly Top was a baby, I was a night owl. I guess that had something to do with me nursing her. I would stay up until the "last" feed of the night. Usually around 1 or 2 in the morning. And while the house was quiet, I sewed to my little heart's content. I am no longer a night owl. Remember a few posts back I said something about putting the kids in public school? And they ride the bus? Well, they have to be ready and waiting for the bus at 6:45 AM!!!!!!!! Which means we have to get up before that so they can get dressed, have breakfast, and get the morning routine finished. So, I have to be up by 5:30ish. This mama can't stay up late anymore. I am usually in bed by 10:00. Sometimes even 9:00. And because I am used to that schedule, last night when I thought I'd stay up late sewing, I was yawning and going cross eyed while making the apron. If you know anything about sewing, you KNOW NOT to do it when you are tired, or the seam ripper that helps you unsew will be your very best friend. I didn't want that best friend last night, so I went to bed. Proudly when I woke up this morning, I was thinking "two down, two to go". Then I laid down on the couch with Curly Top after the older kids left, and without the intention of it, I went to sleep. FOR TWO HOURS! AGH. When I awoke out of my sleepy stupor, I decided I was ready to attack the dress and bloomers. Here I am almost 4 hours later, and the dress is not finished. The bodice is, but not the sleeves and skirt. And would you know why??? Because on this "costume" there is tedious work that I thought I could fly through. Button holes here and there to thread ribbon through. Buttons and button holes for closure. Eyelet to look pretty. Lining. I am not complaining about the dress. It is going to be beautiful. But my back is aching, I am still cross eyed, and I am hoping beyond all things holy that it fits my daughter. AND SHE'D BETTER LIKE IT!!! he he hee I feel bad because I have let the VCR and DVD player babysit my 2 year old yesterday and today. And there are still loads of laundry to wash and dirty dishes in the sink. And did I mention we are still in our pajamas???????? Now. Its time to pull myself together. When I start a project and have a time frame to work with, I do not quit. I am not a quitter. I am going to fix Curly Top a PB&J, I am going to heat up left overs for myself, I am going to have another cup of coffee, then I will brush my teeth. And maybe my hair. And then I will put myself back in the sewing chair and work work work until my AJ has a beautiful Little House on the Prairie ensemble to look beautiful in tomorrow. And while she is looking beautiful, I will wear a smile in spite of my aching back, puffy, bloodshot eyes, and possibly mangled hands. And I will completely forget about this the next time I decide to make another rushed project. Don't remind me, okay?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today is a big day. While I am still in my pj's and robe, and still enjoying coffee, I have yards of fabric in the washer, and a pattern I am working on cutting out. I am going to attempt the McCall's M4547. My AJ requested a Little House on the Prairie dress a very long time ago, and has reminded me a few times over the years she still wants one. She is 12 now, and I know that her want for "dress up" will not live much longer. This weekend we are going to a historical festival and I thought this would be the perfect ensemble for her. I am going to make the dress, bloomers and bonnet. And if I have enough time tomorrow, I might whip one up for little Curly Top as well.

Yesterday I started phase one of "no more toy room, move sewing room, and create pantry". In a few hours time I rearranged Curly Top and Coco Bean's bedroom. This consisted of emptying all drawers so I could move the dressers. While I was at it, I thought it the perfect time for weeding out summer clothes and out grown clothes, and went through 4 boxes of winter clothes and too big clothes. Then the appropriate clothes were put in the appropriate drawers, and the others were put in boxes and put in a closet. The toy box from the play room was emptied and cleaned and moved to the foot of one of the beds. I didn't have any toys in it when the boy got home from school, which was fine with him, because he spent the majority of the next 45 minutes hiding in the toy box. Curly Top then joined him. Yes, it is THAT big. I finally said, "Don't you guys want to come out of there?" To which he responded after pushing the lid up, " No! We're playing checkers in here!" I doubled over laughing. We don't own checkers, and if we did, I don't see my 2 year old and 5 year old playing it, together, in a toy box.
Last night I took AJ to karate while Prince Charming stayed home with the younger 2. They ate supper and he was in the process of getting them ready for bed when AJ and I returned home. We sat down to eat and little Curly Top decided to play in her car (laundry basket). She fell over backwards and yelled, "Woooaaa! Pick me up!" which was a lot funnier last night than it seems to me now. AJ picked her up and said something like, "Let's be more careful, sis", to which the little pistol answered, "I'm not a "sis". I'm Nikki Nichole!" Too funny.
Moving on. Here's what I've been thinking about the last few days:
My China is now at my house instead of in storage. I may take it out of the box, wash it all up (by hand of course) and use it on a daily basis. At least through the holidays.

I give my children napkins at meal time and they still wipe their hands on the edge of the table. WHY??

Is chocolate cake any different than a pop tart for breakfast?

I told AJ to dress warm the other morning when it was 45 degrees outside. She arrived in a t-shirt and a loose knitted poncho. I asked if that would be warm enough. "Mom, they have heaters at school." I replied, "And you have an hour long bus ride." She said, "I'll be fine." I grinned when I saw her shivering at the bus stop. Poor girl. The last few days she's been wearing a fleece hoodie.

My little Curly Top played with a toy spider/web off and on yesterday. Today she is refusing to go in the living room because the spider is in there. She even called Woody on the Toy Story cell phone to tell him not to go there 'cause there's a spider.

Dehydrated pears = yummy goodness, especially when you're the one who sliced them and dehydrated them.

My bangs had a wee bit of poof to them Monday, causing my face to look a bit longer than usual. I got asked if I'd lost weight. Then my head got a wee bit poofed.

The washing machine just ended its cycle, so I need to traipse downstairs with the spiders to put all the fabric in the dryer. And I suppose I should get ready for the day so I can sew and hit phase 2 of my "no more toy room" mission. Curly Top is being entertained by a Barney movie and a tea party on the living room floor, so this is prime opportunity, man!! Until next time...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, Good Morning to you too!
I've had my 3rd cup of coffee, but not because I'm dragging, but because it's chilly! Pancakes have been eaten, dishes have been done, today is Friday AND payday AND early out for the kids, and AJ almost missed the bus. Almost perfect so far! lol
I have tried writing blogs the last few mornings during my sacred coffee time, but there really seems to be nothing wonderful to blog about. Nothing horrible either, so that's good too. I guess the most exciting news this week was Coco Bean got lost in the school. He was supposed to wash his hands and return to the class room. He washed his hands and freaked out because his class was no longer in the hallway. So instead of going back to class, he went to look for them elsewhere. Luckily an aide found him wandering, panic stricken, and returned him to his teacher. And of other note worthy news, we adopted a kitten from a bus-mate's family. The silly mother of Coco Bean's seat buddy told all the kids on the bus that she has FREE KITTENS. So, AJ, being the kitty freak that she is begged and pleaded. We finally told her if she could come up with a good spot for litter box and food dish she could have one. So, she did. And let me reassure you it is not in the kitchen or entry way. (Those were her first suggestions, and I laughed. And for a short moment I thought we weren't going to end up with a kitty. Sigh) The new member of the family is named Del Gato, and he is very cute with long white whiskers. But sadly, Coco Bean is highly allergic to him, so cannot touch him. Its funny, Coco Bean's allergy tests never popped positive for cats. But his poor little face gets beat red and itchy and his nose runs after he's just literally touched the cat. Wah.
I am trying to decorate for fall and Halloween. I haven't done this since, let's see... before AJ was born! I have sewn up a scarecrow panel and clothes pinned him to a hanger and hung over one of the living room doors. And then I sewed up what looks like a gigantic pot holder. It's a quilted piece with a printed jack-o-lantern pumpkin wearing a stove pipe patchwork hat with a sunflower on it. I put it on one of the end tables in the living room. The little ones have been working on construction paper pumpkins, ghosts and Frank-n-steins. They are taped here and there in the dining room and bedroom. I have more ideas in the making, but instead of sewing yesterday, I cooked. We had meatloaf and scalloped potatoes and dirt cake. Then last night before going to bed, I sliced up eight apples and put them on the dehydrator. TIP OF THE DAY: Before placing anything on dehydrator trays, lightly grease said trays. I wish I would have seen that tip or at least remembered it last night. Oh, well.

On a different note, there will be some changes taking place around our joint. Since the children cry and wail and gnash their teeth every time I ask them to play, I will be giving away the majority of their toys, moving the remainder to their room, and turning the play room into my sewing room. There will be more room for me, less mess for the house, and less crying for the kids. We shall see...

AJ has signed up for volleyball at school. When we agreed to let her play, we were not given any information that 6 of the 7 games were away games and she would not be provided transportation. Had we known that in advance, we would have been sticks in the mud and said NO. But, since we were unaware, we cannot say no now. Her first game is tomorrow. She is so excited! I am too. It almost makes me want to wear one of those "Mom of #___" shirts and put a bumper sticker on the car. But I don't have one of those shirts and we don't decorate the car. The gravel dust would just cover it anyway. HA!

I just asked Curly Top to go play. She started crying. I guess I need to go mother her. wah Until next time...