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Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, Good Morning to you too!
I've had my 3rd cup of coffee, but not because I'm dragging, but because it's chilly! Pancakes have been eaten, dishes have been done, today is Friday AND payday AND early out for the kids, and AJ almost missed the bus. Almost perfect so far! lol
I have tried writing blogs the last few mornings during my sacred coffee time, but there really seems to be nothing wonderful to blog about. Nothing horrible either, so that's good too. I guess the most exciting news this week was Coco Bean got lost in the school. He was supposed to wash his hands and return to the class room. He washed his hands and freaked out because his class was no longer in the hallway. So instead of going back to class, he went to look for them elsewhere. Luckily an aide found him wandering, panic stricken, and returned him to his teacher. And of other note worthy news, we adopted a kitten from a bus-mate's family. The silly mother of Coco Bean's seat buddy told all the kids on the bus that she has FREE KITTENS. So, AJ, being the kitty freak that she is begged and pleaded. We finally told her if she could come up with a good spot for litter box and food dish she could have one. So, she did. And let me reassure you it is not in the kitchen or entry way. (Those were her first suggestions, and I laughed. And for a short moment I thought we weren't going to end up with a kitty. Sigh) The new member of the family is named Del Gato, and he is very cute with long white whiskers. But sadly, Coco Bean is highly allergic to him, so cannot touch him. Its funny, Coco Bean's allergy tests never popped positive for cats. But his poor little face gets beat red and itchy and his nose runs after he's just literally touched the cat. Wah.
I am trying to decorate for fall and Halloween. I haven't done this since, let's see... before AJ was born! I have sewn up a scarecrow panel and clothes pinned him to a hanger and hung over one of the living room doors. And then I sewed up what looks like a gigantic pot holder. It's a quilted piece with a printed jack-o-lantern pumpkin wearing a stove pipe patchwork hat with a sunflower on it. I put it on one of the end tables in the living room. The little ones have been working on construction paper pumpkins, ghosts and Frank-n-steins. They are taped here and there in the dining room and bedroom. I have more ideas in the making, but instead of sewing yesterday, I cooked. We had meatloaf and scalloped potatoes and dirt cake. Then last night before going to bed, I sliced up eight apples and put them on the dehydrator. TIP OF THE DAY: Before placing anything on dehydrator trays, lightly grease said trays. I wish I would have seen that tip or at least remembered it last night. Oh, well.

On a different note, there will be some changes taking place around our joint. Since the children cry and wail and gnash their teeth every time I ask them to play, I will be giving away the majority of their toys, moving the remainder to their room, and turning the play room into my sewing room. There will be more room for me, less mess for the house, and less crying for the kids. We shall see...

AJ has signed up for volleyball at school. When we agreed to let her play, we were not given any information that 6 of the 7 games were away games and she would not be provided transportation. Had we known that in advance, we would have been sticks in the mud and said NO. But, since we were unaware, we cannot say no now. Her first game is tomorrow. She is so excited! I am too. It almost makes me want to wear one of those "Mom of #___" shirts and put a bumper sticker on the car. But I don't have one of those shirts and we don't decorate the car. The gravel dust would just cover it anyway. HA!

I just asked Curly Top to go play. She started crying. I guess I need to go mother her. wah Until next time...

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