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Friday, October 8, 2010

Apparently I am insane. Yesterday and this morning I thought I was Wonder Woman or something. Maybe Nancy from Sewing with Nancy, or Martha Stewart. Those women can pick up anything and with a slight wave of the hand over a pattern and a piece of fabric and a short amount of time at their sewing machine, the finished product appears! There is no "unsewing" with the seam ripper, there are no harsh words spewed from their mouths, there is just a pleasant Cinderella smile that silently says, "There now, that wasn't hard, was it?"
I think of myself as an experienced seamstress. But today I had to look up "understitching". Did you know that term is not in my prized "Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing: a Wise Book" from 1955? So I had to take a little Google break. But I learned what it was and did it.
I usually do not read through a pattern before I begin. I just tackle the project head on. I should have read this M4...whatever the number is. It is not a "hard" pattern, per say. But it is TIME CONSUMING. If I were just making one thing off the pattern, say the bonnet, I would be finished and sewing room put back together. But I was, as stated before, INSANE. I thought I could make the dress, apron, bloomers and bonnet in 2 days. Count them. TWO. Along with laundry, cooking, dishes, and children. HA HA HA. I didn't think ahead. When Curly Top was a baby, I was a night owl. I guess that had something to do with me nursing her. I would stay up until the "last" feed of the night. Usually around 1 or 2 in the morning. And while the house was quiet, I sewed to my little heart's content. I am no longer a night owl. Remember a few posts back I said something about putting the kids in public school? And they ride the bus? Well, they have to be ready and waiting for the bus at 6:45 AM!!!!!!!! Which means we have to get up before that so they can get dressed, have breakfast, and get the morning routine finished. So, I have to be up by 5:30ish. This mama can't stay up late anymore. I am usually in bed by 10:00. Sometimes even 9:00. And because I am used to that schedule, last night when I thought I'd stay up late sewing, I was yawning and going cross eyed while making the apron. If you know anything about sewing, you KNOW NOT to do it when you are tired, or the seam ripper that helps you unsew will be your very best friend. I didn't want that best friend last night, so I went to bed. Proudly when I woke up this morning, I was thinking "two down, two to go". Then I laid down on the couch with Curly Top after the older kids left, and without the intention of it, I went to sleep. FOR TWO HOURS! AGH. When I awoke out of my sleepy stupor, I decided I was ready to attack the dress and bloomers. Here I am almost 4 hours later, and the dress is not finished. The bodice is, but not the sleeves and skirt. And would you know why??? Because on this "costume" there is tedious work that I thought I could fly through. Button holes here and there to thread ribbon through. Buttons and button holes for closure. Eyelet to look pretty. Lining. I am not complaining about the dress. It is going to be beautiful. But my back is aching, I am still cross eyed, and I am hoping beyond all things holy that it fits my daughter. AND SHE'D BETTER LIKE IT!!! he he hee I feel bad because I have let the VCR and DVD player babysit my 2 year old yesterday and today. And there are still loads of laundry to wash and dirty dishes in the sink. And did I mention we are still in our pajamas???????? Now. Its time to pull myself together. When I start a project and have a time frame to work with, I do not quit. I am not a quitter. I am going to fix Curly Top a PB&J, I am going to heat up left overs for myself, I am going to have another cup of coffee, then I will brush my teeth. And maybe my hair. And then I will put myself back in the sewing chair and work work work until my AJ has a beautiful Little House on the Prairie ensemble to look beautiful in tomorrow. And while she is looking beautiful, I will wear a smile in spite of my aching back, puffy, bloodshot eyes, and possibly mangled hands. And I will completely forget about this the next time I decide to make another rushed project. Don't remind me, okay?


  1. Well, I've walked in your shoes a time or two. I thought sewing all that in two days would be a feat, but didn't want to pee in your cornflakes with a negative comment. I remembered that I am very slow, especially when it comes to clothes. Not my strong area! Hope you tackle it all and have a gorgeous time, with pictures!

  2. What an awesome momma you are...an awesomely insane momma! I love you posts...I wish I was nearby to hear them in person :) I'm sure you did a fabulous job for miss AJ, and I'm sure she was thrilled. I still remember the day I left for school on the day of my first semi-formal dance in 7th grade with no dress for the "ball" and came home to a 'perfectly' stitched shiny teal dress just as I had imagined! I'm pretty sure that is a memory my girls will not share!