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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ok. Roughly 5 1/2 hours later I have FINISHED the dress!!!!! And I am thinking there will be no bloomers for tomorrow.
So, what crossed my mind today?
*I am psycho
*My back hurts
*I have a headache the size of Texas, and its still lingering
*My darling daughter had better LOVE this dress or I will strangle her
*If my darling daughter does not LOVE this dress, I will have it shrink wrapped in that specialty acid free paper and save it for Curly Top
*I can't wait to see AJ in this dress
*I inwardly laughed when AJ asked me what I was making and I replied, "A bar dress for some lady in town" and she replied "cool" and walked away
*I am thankful for the VCR and DVD player
*I owe AJ big time for making her make Hamburger Helper for supper tonight
*I am so glad I didn't buy the same pattern in Curly Top's size thinking I'd get a set done for her by tomorrow too
*Like stated in earlier post, the pattern is not hard, just VERY time consuming
*There is enough material in the skirt alone that I could make a tent and hide in it
*I'm glad I found some non-scratchy eyelet trim in a box of "left overs" that was my grandma's. This will make AJ happy too
*If this pattern is historically accurate, no wonder girls/women could wear the same dress for years: tons of fabric, gathered and cinched with ribbon at the neck, arms and waist. And its long enough to accommodate growth spurts
*At about 5:00 I went brain dead and couldn't figure out how to do the last two tucks above the hem of the skirt. I had just done the first one! It took lots of calculating in my head, looking at the pattern, looking at a ruler, and head scratching to finally get the job done
*The pattern said to hand sew the hem in place for the hidden hem seam affect. I rebelled and said an out loud "NO" and I machine stitched it. I even thought about using invisible thread so it couldn't be seen. But I didn't. I used the same thread used throughout the dress. Hem Police, come and get me.
*Maybe I should brush my teeth today so my children don't faint over when I try to kiss them
*Wearing pajamas all day does save on laundry, and its oh so comfy
*I do need a shower. A long hot shower. I am hoping one will help with my muscle pains from hunching over most of the day
*I am so glad this is over!
*I can't wait to see it on her! I was going to give it to her tonight, but my Prince Charming called and said he wants to see her face when she gets it. He won't be home until tomorrow morning. So, I will be patient
*I guess I should spend some time with the kiddos tonight. And then glorious sleep will take over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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