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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today is a big day. While I am still in my pj's and robe, and still enjoying coffee, I have yards of fabric in the washer, and a pattern I am working on cutting out. I am going to attempt the McCall's M4547. My AJ requested a Little House on the Prairie dress a very long time ago, and has reminded me a few times over the years she still wants one. She is 12 now, and I know that her want for "dress up" will not live much longer. This weekend we are going to a historical festival and I thought this would be the perfect ensemble for her. I am going to make the dress, bloomers and bonnet. And if I have enough time tomorrow, I might whip one up for little Curly Top as well.

Yesterday I started phase one of "no more toy room, move sewing room, and create pantry". In a few hours time I rearranged Curly Top and Coco Bean's bedroom. This consisted of emptying all drawers so I could move the dressers. While I was at it, I thought it the perfect time for weeding out summer clothes and out grown clothes, and went through 4 boxes of winter clothes and too big clothes. Then the appropriate clothes were put in the appropriate drawers, and the others were put in boxes and put in a closet. The toy box from the play room was emptied and cleaned and moved to the foot of one of the beds. I didn't have any toys in it when the boy got home from school, which was fine with him, because he spent the majority of the next 45 minutes hiding in the toy box. Curly Top then joined him. Yes, it is THAT big. I finally said, "Don't you guys want to come out of there?" To which he responded after pushing the lid up, " No! We're playing checkers in here!" I doubled over laughing. We don't own checkers, and if we did, I don't see my 2 year old and 5 year old playing it, together, in a toy box.
Last night I took AJ to karate while Prince Charming stayed home with the younger 2. They ate supper and he was in the process of getting them ready for bed when AJ and I returned home. We sat down to eat and little Curly Top decided to play in her car (laundry basket). She fell over backwards and yelled, "Woooaaa! Pick me up!" which was a lot funnier last night than it seems to me now. AJ picked her up and said something like, "Let's be more careful, sis", to which the little pistol answered, "I'm not a "sis". I'm Nikki Nichole!" Too funny.
Moving on. Here's what I've been thinking about the last few days:
My China is now at my house instead of in storage. I may take it out of the box, wash it all up (by hand of course) and use it on a daily basis. At least through the holidays.

I give my children napkins at meal time and they still wipe their hands on the edge of the table. WHY??

Is chocolate cake any different than a pop tart for breakfast?

I told AJ to dress warm the other morning when it was 45 degrees outside. She arrived in a t-shirt and a loose knitted poncho. I asked if that would be warm enough. "Mom, they have heaters at school." I replied, "And you have an hour long bus ride." She said, "I'll be fine." I grinned when I saw her shivering at the bus stop. Poor girl. The last few days she's been wearing a fleece hoodie.

My little Curly Top played with a toy spider/web off and on yesterday. Today she is refusing to go in the living room because the spider is in there. She even called Woody on the Toy Story cell phone to tell him not to go there 'cause there's a spider.

Dehydrated pears = yummy goodness, especially when you're the one who sliced them and dehydrated them.

My bangs had a wee bit of poof to them Monday, causing my face to look a bit longer than usual. I got asked if I'd lost weight. Then my head got a wee bit poofed.

The washing machine just ended its cycle, so I need to traipse downstairs with the spiders to put all the fabric in the dryer. And I suppose I should get ready for the day so I can sew and hit phase 2 of my "no more toy room" mission. Curly Top is being entertained by a Barney movie and a tea party on the living room floor, so this is prime opportunity, man!! Until next time...


  1. First of all...it doesn't appear you are yet my follower, as I am yours. So, I'm giving you until the end of the weekend to get in gear. haha!!! ;-)

    Post pics when you get the dress done. Kristy's had a couple of prairie dresses, a colonial dress, and an indian dress. She's already outgrown her dress up days I believe. She even put her Kaya and Nellie on the top of her dresser/hutch and packed up all her other American Girl things to put into storage. Oh, they grow so fast. She mainly plays horses, GI Joes with her brothers, or actually rides horses, plays piano, draws, etc. No more baby girl!

    Okay, this has gotten long. Love & Hugs to you my friend...though, not yet my follower! haha!

  2. Ok, the problem has been remedied!!! I am now your follower. AJ wants a colonial dress as well, and a Guenevere dress. I think I'll only get as far as the prairie dress. My back is aching from cutting. I have all but the bonnet cut so far. Then after lunch, time to SEW!!! Love you, girl!! Thanks for setting me straight!! lol

  3. Yay! haha! Cutting out is the worst part. Ick! I'm currently working on a quilted table runner, pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. I'll post it when I'm done, hopefully tomorrow. And I just finished my bag for the swap. You can see it on fb, but not on my blog yet. Don't want my swap partner to see it before it arrives in the mail.

    Have fun sewing!!