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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There is a little monkey sitting in the dining room floor coloring. She has changed her clothes 3 times so far this morning. And she has sported a little white straw Easter hat, a straw cowboy hat, and a black and white polka dotted bucket hat. And to complete each ensemble, she must wear the princess tennis shoes. At one time, she carried her favorite blanket, her baby doll with hair that she rubs and pulls while sucking her thumb, and her over sized purple stuffed cow. Then she threw all those aside to play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo. What a busy little monkey. I cannot complain. She is keeping herself occupied while the other monkeys are at school.
Real school.
Public school.
The first day of school, the youngest monkey was just fine. She stayed by my side and talked and sang, and was ever so excited when the older two were dropped off by the school bus. The second day she was a different story. She wet her pants twice and threw horrible fits. The third day she was just a little cranky. But now, two weeks later, she is getting used to time alone. Without her older brother to mimic all the live long day, she is learning to think on her own. She is telling tales, playing with her baby dolls, and taking wonderful long naps. One day last week she watched a Strawberry Shortcake movie and learned some big words. When I went to get her ready to go "bye bye" I said, "Lets get your socks on." She stated, "Deese are not socks. Dey are imagination!" They were gray and pink and white striped; ever so cute. How can one argue with that???

While I am enjoying some peace and quiet, I am trying to get used to my new "schedule". There is time for cooking and cleaning and sewing and reading. Or if the weather permits (like yesterday), just reading. I can feel some sanity reentering my brain.
I have made a meal plan for the month, have been keeping up with the dishes (so I no longer wake up to last nights supper dishes telling me hello on the counter top), and I've started baking some again. My next goal is to start sewing for the fall craft show.

Speaking of reading, the book I just finished is titled "Before Green Gables" by Budge Wilson. This book is about the life of Anne Shirley from the time she was born until she was on her train trip to Green Gables. The author wrote just like the original Anne author, and had my full attention from the first page. So, if you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, I would definitely recommend this book.

The older two monkeys are enjoying school. My oldest has asked everyone, including the teachers, to call her AJ. And they do. She loves her music and art classes, and next week she starts volleyball. She's never played before and is ever so excited to start.
The middle monkey was so thrilled to get a Buzz Lightyear lunch box that he didn't care what else kindergarten consisted of. He's learning his phone number and address, and how to tie his shoes. This morning he was miffed at me because I made him a bowl of Malt-O-Meal instead of letting him buy breakfast at school. If that's the worst thing he remembers about his first year of school, then I think we're doing ok.

Well, I didn't have "blog time" on my schedule. So I must bid farewell. Or, maybe I should change my schedule??? Should I take a vote?? My devoted readers, all 5 of you, would you vote to "get a move on" or "change the schedule"?
Until next time...


  1. Wow!! Sounds like the life of bliss for the whole family. I enjoyed reading about you and the kiddos. Glad your year is off to a good start and that the kids are loving school.

    I vote getting a move on to change the schedule! haha!

    Love & Miss you!! Kelly

  2. I vote change the schedule. You are so entertaining. Just happened to click in today and you had been here......I love reading your blog......sooooooo interesting, makes me feel like I'm right there with you. Hope you keep it going. Voting.......change schedule!!!!!!

  3. I vote add "blog time" because your life keeps me entertained! Wishing I was there to witness these moments with you because I know I would be rolling on the floor laughing EVERY TIME!