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Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Monday morning. (I accidentally started typing Monday Moron. oopsie. Glad I caught that one.) I have been up for 3 hours. I am nursing my 3rd cup of coffee. And I left the pot on thinking I may have to have the dreaded 4th cup today. I rarely EVER have 4 cups of coffee in a morning. I can't remember the last time I had 4. Sometimes too much coffee in the morning can really make guts hate the person they are indwelling. You know what I mean???
Well, this entry was not intended to make you think of my guts. So, I'd better get on with it.
Remember the mouse from the other night? 2 mornings later (which is now 2 days ago) my prince charming was still sleeping, and the oldest monkey was out feeding the animals. The younger 2 monkeys (is the plural form of monkeys: monkeys, monkies, monkey? Just wondering because of the whole fish/fish, deer/deer, goose/geese thing) and I were finishing up our breakfast at the table. Middle monkey got up to go get his cowboy gear on. Hat, bandanna around the neck, boots and lasso. er, uh jump rope. We improvise around here. As he was turning around to come back to the table to ask me a question (probably "where are my hat, bandanna, boots, and lasso) he started screaming like a neanderthal yet again! Which in turn scared monkey #3 into screaming at the top of her lungs as well. My seat is at the far side of the room. (at the table, but if I so choose to do a 180, at the keyboard of the computer desk. quite handy, I might add.) As they are screaming, prince charming shoots straight out of bed again, and as I see him trying to throw himself into his jeans (our room has a door leading to the dining room), I am trying to ask what in the world they are screaming at. Having heard the screams, my oldest monkey runs into the house to see what's wrong. Monkey #2 finally spits out, "Its the mouse!" I start laughing as I get up to come see it/figure out what to do with it. I get to that side of the room and there is indeed a mouse, and once again it is running in circles! Its the funniest thing I've ever seen! I think the high pitched screams of little children scares the bejeezers out of the poor little thing, and all it can do is RUN! In Circles!! Prince Charming and I were both barefoot, and I was trying to find something to do something to this unwanted-in-my-house creature. While I was looking around, my #1 monkey, wearing her mud boots (because she'd been outside) stepped up and stomped on the little thing. Shock and awe filled my hubby and me. And then she said, "It's still moving. I have to put it out of its misery!" So she stomped the thing again. And then she did the most responsible thing she could and picked up the little mouse by its tail and threw it outside. Then she cleaned the floor where the stomping occurred. What a gal!!!
P.S. I know the plural form of monkey is monkeys.


  1. Monkey 1 is braver than I am. We are dealing with mice. I'm fine with using traps and killing them, just not sure I'd have gotten up the couraged to stomp it. haha!! They reproduce fast...little pests!

  2. Oh Tara, Your stories remind me of Mimi so much.
    Shelly, Janet and I love to recall all the laughs she always provided everyone at the family reunions. AND always looked forward to her hot rolls........YUMMY!!!!!! Keep up the good writing.