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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You've been in the egg biz too long when...

While heading into town tonight the monkeys and I were talking about the sad event that happened with the kitty and the dog. 5 year old monkey pipes up from the back seat, "I have an idea. The momma kitty just needs to lay another kitten, then we'll have more." Oh, my. Too funny. Did we correct him? No way!!!


  1. I like your blogs

  2. Tara, that is soooooo funny!!! But, sounds right to me.....:-) Keep the blogging going. I love it....Would love to see you kids sometime...

  3. To anonymous: Thank you!! And I know who you are!!! lol Creep!

    To Wanda,
    Thank you for your support. ;) Is there a family reunion scheduled??? I never know when it is. And if not, I think some Saturday when your schedule is clear I might scoop up the monkeys and head your way. What do you think? Maybe I could swing by and grab DJ and her brood as well.