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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lessons for today

  • no matter how often and thoroughly i sweep, there is always a stray Cheerio lurking about, waiting for the broom and dust pan to be put away before showing itself
  • the trash won't take itself out. so i finally did it. but i didn't pick up what had overflown to the floor. wait til i have another cup of coffee.
  • the laundry is indeed like rabbits: ever multiplying
  • feeding a toddler beans makes for a poopie machine
  • a clean house is for magazine pictures. i really wish there was a magazine full of regular pics for regular people so i didn't feel so inadequate at times.
  • ice cream does make you feel better
  • i can prejudge my day by the amount of coffee i drink in the morning. 1 cup=not enough, 2 cups= normal day, 3 cups= be on the alert, 4 cups= you'd better stay outta my path
  • aveeno lotion is the best remedy for dishpan hands. scratch that. 12 year old is the best remedy. aveeno is second best. (grandma's, don't be alarmed. since aj started school, she has only had to do dishes twice.)
  • when curly top makes requests of me (like can i have juice or will you read to me), no matter how many times i answer her, she will make the same demand with increasing volume from the word "go" until I meet that request over and over and over and over. i have no solution for this.
  • when trying to teach coco bean how to tie a shoe, i know its time to stop when he falls over playing dead.
  • i would really like some french toast right now.
  • vinegar and/or bleach work really well at cleaning sippy cups that have been left in a toy box or car or under a bed too long, and when the lid comes off only a person in a special suit who works in a lab 6 levels under ground can identify the contents.
  • but sometimes its better to burn that sippy cup and buy a new one.
  • warning: do not eat LJ Silvers food and not expect to wake up in the night with bad dreams and a greasy stomach ache.
  • the last 2 nights i have prayed that my little curly top would stay in her bed and sleep all night long. the last 2 nights she did. prayer works.
  • don't open a new bag of potatoes when the bottom is seeping liquid. a plague of gnats will take you and your house as hostage and plunder.
  • when the toddler says "up, up, i want yooouuuu", you know you are loved unconditionally.

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