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Friday, January 29, 2010


Darling son got mad at me today. His 4 year old mind could not fathom why we couldn't just jump in the car and go to Disney World today. The conversation lasted about, oh, say, 30 minutes at least! "But WHY can't we go?????" and I was doing a pretty good job of explaining until he sadly sadly said, "but N. (baby sister) wants to go to Disney World, too. She doesn't like Santa, but she likes Mickey." If Disney wasn't a 3 day car ride away, and was a free attraction, that little statement would have had us at Disney world TODAY I tell you!
So, we did the next best thing. (not really, but humor me please) The monkeys sat down together and watched The Jungle Book. And all the while the littlest monkey held the Disney World ad from the Family Fun magazine. The ad that has the Muppet cast working like the Extreme Home Makeover show, and then the next page the Muppets are riding a fire truck down Main Street, Disney World, as Gonzo is being carried away by balloons shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. Cinderella's castle in the background. Boy. I bet that ad does get Disney a LOT of new business. How dare they put that ad in the ONE magazine we have a subscription to. I think tonight I will sing them to sleep with "when you wish upon a star". Maybe that little dream will come true.

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