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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's really not a baby anymore

My baby monkey, who will be 2 in April, as I am finding out, is not really a baby anymore. Though I will desperately try to keep her a baby as long as possible, and lovingly refer to her as the baby until she is 25. (maybe 30. Heck. Maybe until she is a grandma!) She is talking. A lot. She is particularly fond of her older brother, and therefore mimics his every move and phrase. If he says, "Can I have a snack, mama?" she is right at his side and immediately says, "nack, mama?" And she is learning how to respond. Just now she picked up the jumbo sized pump bottle of baby lotion and looked at me with her big blue eyes and asked, "woshin, mama?" as in 'give me some please'. To which I replied, "Not right now." So she cocked her head to the left and said, "I nut?" which translates to 'why not'?
I worked on a few sewing projects yesterday while the monkeys ran amuck. As I passed through the living room on the way to the powder room, I bent down and tickled her. Instead of giggling or running or pretend screaming, she looked straight up at me and said, "Top it. Top it, mamum." which translates to 'stop it'.
Hee Hee. The other day I ran to the store and left the monkeys at home with my hubby. He called me to tell me it was time to come home after the baby monkey had dirtied her diaper, stripped off her pajamas, stripped off the diaper and put it "somewhere" (where he couldn't find it), and gone to him to clean her up (because she did get some on her hands and belly---eeeewwww). Guess what she had done? She put the diaper (mind you it was a cloth diaper) in the kitchen trash. She had gotten out a changing pad and laid it in the floor. AND she had a fresh diaper ready and waiting by the changing pad. The kids knows what she's doin'!! Hubby cleaned her up. And I was kind of cracking up under my breath. Oh, and you ask how did I find the missing diaper? I followed the smell throughout the house. lol!
This little one. The one who likes to crumble drop biscuits in her palm. The one who likes to hide behind the living room curtains and shriek with delight when I pretend I can't find her. This little one who mimics me when I am wagging my finger and hollering at the older 2 monkeys is still very small and young. But she is not a little baby anymore.


  1. How sad!! And I have only seen her twice, maybe?? Trevor is growing up also, doing alot of talking and roars alot too likes he's a dinosaur and dances! I love HIM!!!! So sad how quickly time goes by, isn't it?

  2. It is! Yes, this age is a lot of fun, too. You coming to town anytime soon???