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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just so that you know...

Just so that you know... My home computer has a virus, so there will be no picture uploaded from my phone tonight.
Just so that you know... We had pancakes for supper tonight. At 9:00 pm. We NEVER eat that late. 2 of the monkeys were begging to go to bed before I ate my last bite. That NEVER happens either.
Just so that you know... I love to sew.
Just so that you know... I am a major procrastinator. I don't know why. I just am. I am not proud of it. I am trying to change. And I've been saying that for about 10 years. The little engine that could??? I think I can, I think I can. Put put put. steam out ears.
Just so that you know... I hid in the bathroom from my children the other day. Really. So I wouldn't end up having a tantrum in the middle of the living room floor with them. It did work for a few minutes... and then... steam out ears...
Just so that you know... I still love coffee. And I love good chocolate. But I am not quite as bad a chocoholic as I have been in the past. Interesting.
Just so that you know... I don't think there is any point in washing my car when there is fog/rain/slush/puddles all around and MORE in the forecast. But, dear husband, if you tell me I need to wash it, I will.
Just so that you know... I have made my own bread from scratch all week. Until yesterday when my honey wanted some samichis (that means sandwiches, but its funner to say like that) and I didn't have time to make up the dough and let it sit and rise for a couple o' hours, so he was stuck with Sara Lee. At least nobody doesn't like her. (if you're scratching your head saying "what???" and picking your nose, remember the commercial jingle for Sara Lee.)
Just so that you know... I just threw a load of cloth diapers in the wash and added bleach to the load. For the first time in our cloth diaper journey. And I am scared to death I might have just done something very very bad. But hey, if they come out splotchy but smell good, maybe it'll be ok. (The little monkey has been eating a lot of raisins, and raisin bran this week. This has been a horrible mistake. Bran and raisins in a 21 month old create horrible nastiness I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Well, on second thought, maybe I would...) Lets just say, we KNEW when she entered the room BEFORE she entered. The scent preceeded her. PEEEEEEEE EEEEWWWWWWWWW
Just so that you know... I am wearing my pretty apron right now. I was too tired to take it off after cleaning up the kitchen after making pancakes at 9:00 tonight. who knows. Maybe I'll sleep in it, too. lol
Just so that you know... My mom and I are getting really motivated and excited about the upcoming craft show at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in March. It will be our 2nd time having our own booth. Me thinks it's the 2nd weekend, but right now, I couldn't promise. So check back soon. I'll get it posted.
Just so that you know... I made my first attempt at baked potato bags and rice packs this weekend. Baked potato bags for putting potatoes in, and then putting in the microwave, to give you nice and fluffy baked potatoes to eat. Rice packs to either put in the freezer to put on boo boos, or in the microwave to heat to put on your sore muscles to help with aches and pains. They turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. And I do.
Just so that you know, since it is getting late, I am going to turn off my husbands old laptop computer (That I am ever so grateful for) and am going to go brush my teeth and crawl in bed. I am really quite tired. Have a wonderful night, oh dear cyber friends in cyber world.

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  1. Hope the diapers turned out well. I love you!!! Kelly