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Monday, January 4, 2010

Nachos ala Gayle

Hubby was gone the other night. I was getting ready to put the monkeys to bed. I was getting bored. I called my friend Gayle. I hadn't talked to her since the day after Christmas, and that's just too long. We chatted for a bit and she asked me what we did for New Year's Eve. I told her (that because of our crazy Christmas) we spent a quiet evening at home, complete with Rotel dip and chips. Who DOESN'T have that on New Years??? As any good conversation goes, we stopped talking about the kids and our schedules and focused on the food. She asked if I had put taco seasoning on the meat that I added to the Velveeta. And I replied No. And she asked if we dressed it up with lettuce, and I replied "No, but if you keep talking like that I am going to get a hankrin for Nachos!" To which she replied, "Me too". And that's when we decided she would come over with nacho fixin's (minus the Velveeta, because I still had some o' dat) and we were going to feast properly. What a great friend! She ventured out in the freezing weather to the store, and then to my house. And that's when I learned how to make the best nacho plate ever. She made her plate first, and I copied every layer.
1. Crushed tortilla chips in the center of the plate
2. Lettuce encircling the chips, making a nice green decorative boarder on the plate
3. Hamburger--with taco seasoning-- on the chips (not on the lettuce)
4. Rotel Velveeta Dip on the hamburger
5. Sour cream
6. a squirt from the packet of "taco vinaigrette dressing" that came with the lettuce (WONDERFUL STUFF WITH A KICK)
6. shredded cheese
7. tortilla chip strips
8. more tortilla chips layered on the lettuce

We feasted. I don't know if it was the best nachos I've ever had because a) I was hungry b)they were just plain wonderful or c) because it was shared with my friend.

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  1. Your friend, Gayle, is my sister. My name is Marsha and I live in Kansas. Gayle told me about this so of course I had to come take a look!! Too cute!! You sound like you are oh so busy and witty as well! Good combination, if you ask me...LOL Enjoyed reading your blog and looking at pictures.