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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello my friends!
The craft show came and went. The things I rushed and made towards the end of "creative time" did not move, but the things that didn't move at the last show practically sold out. Funny how that works! I have been doing some thinking on "no more craft show" just because there is a lot of creative work and investment in materials/patterns/time, and not a lot of earnings by the end of the show to really really make it worth while. But this show this last weekend was better than the last 2 combined and kind of restored my faith a little bit. I am happy to announce my mom and I will not be involved in the spring show, but will most likely have a booth in the next fall show.
I have also done some reflecting on what made me enter this world of madness in the first place. And then I remembered it was my passion for cloth diapers! The first 2 shows and a yard sale a couple of months back showed no respect or interest from anyone for cloth diapers. But this show this last weekend was completely different! The basket-o-diapers was the main conversation piece of our booth. Young and old picked up, touched, felt, squished, laughed, questioned and had nothing negative to say about the "next generation" of cloth diapers. I even had about 18 baby doll diapers that sold like hot cakes! One of them is now on a chihuahua pooch! lol The owner took the diaper out to her car and put it on her dog and took a picture for me to see. Its a good thing I have a great sense of humor and an appreciation for "whatever works"! And I even got a couple of custom orders! The picture is from the first order I will be delivering this afternoon. Which leads me to the next topic!!
I am technologically challenged. I think I accidentally threw away my good camera at my son's 4th birthday party. Since then I haven't been posting pictures of my own taking. Well, yesterday I finally dove in and pulled out the OLD camera and dumped some pictures, so you can "see" what's going on. :)
We have not been using our printer since we moved. #1. No toner #2. The computer got a bad virus and had to be fixed last spring, and when that happened the driver for the printer (?) was not re-installed. Well, I pulled on my big boy boots yesterday and decided I would figure it out! I had this nagging idea the printer brochure and discs were in a drawer in my room. Then I thought why would it be there? I haven't had it out since we moved, so it must be in a box in the storage closet. Yeah. I spent 45 minutes going through boxes and found nada. When I finally gave in and looked in the drawer in my room, guess what I found? Yup. Exactly what I needed. So, I walked through the steps and loaded what needed to be loaded, and dusted the printer, and man, we are in business now! Its kind of empowering. (wipes tear)
Moving on...
Coco Bean is learning to read. He brings a small book home every night in his backpack for us to read together. They are called Baggie Books because they are sent home in ziplocs. And its a different book every night. It amazed me one night last week. He went from recognizing letters to reading to me in a very short amount of time. WOW is all I can say.
Miss AJ is doing well grade wise. We are taking a break from karate for the winter and volleyball season is finished, so I am looking forward to peaceful evenings at home. She is missing the activities. She asked if she could do basketball (which runs a few nights a week through the winter) and the academics club. If the academics club does not have a lot of running back and forth for me, I'll consider it. But I gave a full hearty no to basketball. Sorry, sports fans. Its just too difficult with two little ones who need to be in bed at a decent time.
Curly Top is a little pistol. Since Halloween she's been asking for candy at every single free moment of the day. UGH. She is also changing her own clothes every time I turn around. Again, UGH. She is still mimicking every single move Coco Bean makes. Even the CRY every time mommy says its time to play. I know. I'm so mean to make a child go play with... T.O.Y.S. What is wrong with me???
The chickens have stopped laying eggs. I miss them. The ones from the store really do taste different; they lack in rich flavor. Hopefully they'll start laying again. Its almost time for the pigs to be slaughtered. My mouth is watering. And we are in the middle of deer season. My hunter of a hubby did get a deer the other day! And he's going back out to the woods in his next group of days off. Coco Bean wants a small bow and arrow so he can go hunting as well. Wait, maybe it was so he could be Robin Hood. I don't remember.
That's all for now! Time for another cup of coffee and a trip back up to my sewing room. :) Must fill another diaper order for Tuesday. YAY!!!

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