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Monday, November 1, 2010

another oops on my part...

If you need a refresher, go back to my first blog after Christmas 2009. There's a little ditty about all of the horrific things that happened to our family on Christmas. Find the line about my mom blowing up the ham. Pyrex glass everywhere.
Fast forward to this past Saturday.
My brother-in-law and two nephews are in town. They had called to see if they could come over. Of coarse my answer is YES!!! But then I had to inform them that my husband and daughter would be hunting until dark. (AJ was at a volleyball tournament, but would get ready for hunting and rush out the door as soon as she got home.) To my dismay he said they would wait until Sunday to come then, because the boys would want to see AJ, and they were to be at a set of grandparent's house that evening. Which is ok, but my prince charming had to go to work Sunday so wouldn't get to see them, and I really wanted to pack in as much time with the boys as possible. So I went into problem solving mode. I thought real hard and real fast and determined that maybe the grandparents and the boys would all want to come to my house if I made supper for all! Then the cousins could see each other, and my hubby could see the out of towners, and we could all be with the grandparents. So I made phone calls, and I thawed out two chickens. Everyone agreed!! Dinner was to be at 6:00 or so. AJ and prince charming could eat when they got back from hunting.
I dressed the birds. I seasoned one with seasoned salt and pepper and onion powder. I seasoned the other with a blend of rosemary and Parmesan, garlic, onion and pepper. My mouth was watering. I peeled and chopped potatoes for mashing. I opened two quarts of the garden green beans for boiling with bacon. I had plans of homemade biscuits. I made a chocolate oatmeal cake. Tea was brewing. Smells were wafting. I was smiling. My brother-in-law and prince charming were sitting on the porch speaking of manly things while my younger two were playing with my nephews. I couldn't help but peek at the birds. I noticed the dishes were dry and browning. So moisture was needed!! I ran the tap water hot and put some in a measuring cup, and headed to the oven, and poured a bit into the first dish. Mid stream the Pyrex dish BURST! Glass shards and chunks were in the oven and on the floor and in the next dish over. My mouth dropped and I was stunned. What would we do?????? I went to the porch and asked the men to help me. They laughed at me. My brother in law made fun of me. "Wait til I tell your mom!!!" They asked how it could possibly happen. And they cleaned it all up. Then they asked what we would have for supper. My bro said we could all go out to eat. Which would be fine, except we had cake and green beans and mashed potatoes and biscuits in the works. I thought "WWGD"= What would Grandma Carol do?? Side note: Grandma Carol was a lady who could effortlessly and magically whip up a 5 course meal in 15 minutes while you swear she was sitting and talking in the living room with you the whole time. Mind blowing. Back to the story: Well, I had a package of chicken breasts in the freezer and some deer meat. So, I seasoned the breasts like the bird with the rosemary, and I made a meatloaf with the burger. Dinner would be about 45 minutes late, but problem solved. My dad and step-mom brought salad and ice cream and strawberry lemonade cake. Prince Charming and AJ made it home as the table was loaded with food. We feasted and enjoyed every one's company!!
I am so grateful our table is big enough to seat 10, even if 2 people are at the corners. I am grateful my husband repaired some chairs so we have enough to seat 10. I am so very grateful we have food we can share when we have friends and family over. I am grateful for my family. All of my family. Immediate and extended and all of the "steps".
And most of all, I am grateful I have two more Pyrex dishes. hahahaha

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time despite the mishap!! And it sounds like you are turning into a Grandma Carol. :D