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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The fall craft show is this coming weekend. I am trying to rekindle my love affair with my sewing machine. I am spending more time with it than with any other member of my family. One of my friends was here last week with her little munchkin and we were all playing together in the sewing room. Sarah was helping cut out material, and the baby was playing in the pack-n-play. And well, Curly Top didn't want to be left out, so my over sized baby was crammed into the pack-n-play as well. I haven't put the play pen away yet, and little Curly Top wanted to play in it again today while I was working. When I am in craft show mode, "WHATEVER MAKES YOU LEAVE ME ALONE" is my answer to almost anything. So, I threw her in. She played with her babies and her Barbie phone and her blanket while I cut and sewed away. And then over the buzz of the sewing machine I heard her say to her baby, "My mommy won't cover me. My mommy won't cover me. My other mommy won't cover me." I didn't want to be the mean mommy of the little play group, so I finished my seam, cut the strings, and went to little Curly Top and covered her up. She looked up and said, "No, my OTHER mommy. She is upstairs in her office." and promptly took the blanket off. I have been replaced???? I was cracking up at her imagination as I made my way back over to my project. I haven't been replaced. Her "other" mommy can't make her pb&j or give her popcorn, but I did for lunch today! And now she is happily ready for a nap! And I will happily make my way back to my play room, after making coffee. I don't know which I love more; the coffee pot or the sewing machine. I don't think I could live without either.

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