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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How NOT to catch a tomato

I was standing at the counter peeling and quartering tomatoes today, preparing them for canning. Peeled and quartered tomatoes are quite slippery. One section slipped from my hand and the first thing I thought was "Catch it before it hits the floor!!" One hand was holding a knife, and the other was covered in tomato juice, so I did what seemed rational at the time and caught it with my hip. Yeah, the peeled tomato quarter was between my hip and the counter. Luckily I was wearing a gray t-shirt used mainly for lounging around the house and not my best "going out" white shirt. The moral of the story is: When preparing food and working in the kitchen, wear an apron.


  1. Okay Tara, if you start wearing an apron all the time while cooking, I am going to get you an outfit that reminds me of June Cleaver :o)

    Can we ever do coffee again?? I would love for you to meet Noodle Nose. Not to mention that I miss you terribly...

  2. Jess,
    I do wear an apron most of the time in the kitchen. And after supper. Because I am either to lazy to take it off, or too tired and just forgot to take it off. Lol
    We need to do coffee before you move!!! I will try to make a special trip to town just for that. What about next Mon or Tues??