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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Worm Who Grew Too Much

When leaving a place of business a couple of weeks ago, all clad in warm clothes and rain coats (because of the 13 straight days of rain we were receiving), I was suddenly intrigued by something that caught my eye.
Now, I know earth worms surface during rain spells. And I also know the ones that live in my neighborhood are usually 6 inches long or shorter. And, it must be said, my son, being on the fresh side of 4 years old and having many environmental allergies, has not yet experienced the joy of puddle jumping and worm catching and digging for worms, like some of the rest of us. So, I did not want my son to miss the opportunity of his little life to see THE WORM WHO GREW TOO MUCH. It it by far the biggest worm I have ever seen, but I thought it was awesome. And had my son not started screaming like a little girl, "Get in the car!!! It's gonna get us!!! Get in the car!!! It's gonna get us!!!" I would have picked it up and played with it a bit. My son immediately grew cat claws and instinctively stuck them in my leg and sides out of great fear, as I laughed my head off. I tried explaining to him that worms can't hurt us, that their mouths aren't even big enough for us to see, and all the great worm facts I could come up with at that moment in time. He was still scared, I still laughed, I got him and his sister buckled in their seats in the car, and then I took a picture of this worm of all worms. The mother of all wigglers, the most giant of all night crawlers, and the most amazing annelid I have ever seen.

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