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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homemade Deoderant, Anyone??

As the gal at Angry Chicken so eloquently put it, we had a "I'm not a dirty hippie party"! And it was fun. Have you ever thought about making your own deodorant? Or buying it homemade? I never really thought about it until a couple of months ago when I read about it on Angry Chicken blog, and then my friend, Sarah, talked about it. She and I are both allergic to stick deodorant. The only kind I have found so far that works for me is the Degree spray. Still, I am not comforted with the gazillion ingredients on the label that I can't even pronounce, or much less know what they really are.
Sarah got all the ingredients together and we piled in my kitchen with my oldest monkey, and together we made our own lovely assortment of deodorant! My daughter got to count this project as a credit for science and math, so that was a major bonus.
We used the recipe from Angry Chicken. All natural ingredients. Cha-ching! Corn starch, baking soda, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter, and then essential oils. We used vanilla in some, and tea tree in others, and then did a batch of unscented. It still holds the scent of cocoa butter. Its not too expensive to make, and it makes a LOT that will last a long long time. It is NOT an anti-perspirant, but I can live with that. After we mixed it up, we divided it via funnel into the little baby food jars I had been hanging onto for the "we might need these some day" reason. Good thing, eh?
Who knew going green (little by little) could be so fun and smell so good????

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