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Thursday, September 24, 2009

We've had a tough summer. My younger sister had a fall July 4, which has left her with brain damage and the need for a lot of therapy. We are so thankful that she lived as the doctors did not expect her to make it. We've traveled back and forth quite a lot throughout the summer to see her in a facility about an hour away. My motivation level for sewing and crafting went spiraling down the tubes. My mom and I were to be getting ready for the upcoming craft show in November. It would be our second time to have a booth. Mom has not had time or energy to even think about sewing. While on our way to see my sister the other day we were discussing what we needed to do to come up with a game plan for getting our items ready. I said what I thought would be best; call the craft club and back out of our booth. See if they would keep our booth rental money to secure us a booth in the Spring show. My mom took in a big breath and gave out a big sigh of relief. So, we are now not worried about our booth and the lack of things to put in it.
Over the last month I have pulled out the sewing machine again and claimed the kitchen table as my workshop. The monkeys have grown accustomed to eating on the floor, the coffee table, and the bit of linoleum right inside my front doorway. I have made three new diapers off of 3 new patterns. One Little Comet Tails Little One Size diaper, one Darling Diapers Unlimited medium sized diaper, and one EZdiaper. I don't care for the EZdiaper. The idea behind it is genius. If you make it without a true "outside" waterproofing material, there is no way to put the diaper on backwards or inside out. I just don't care for the fit of it as it's just a big rectangle. But a lot of mama's from the Diaper Sewing Diva's board rave over it. I really like the DDU medium sized diaper. It's got a great trim fit. It is different from the others that I've sewn as the waterproofing layer rolls inward at the leg seams so there is much less chance of wicking or leaking. I used a light purple pul outer with bamboo hemp jersey inner, and a snap in soaker made from zorb and sherpa. The LTC LOS diaper, well, I am a little disappointed in. It is trimmer than most one size diapers. It has a snap to adjust the length of the rise. But either I just don't "get it", or the one snap to do this with doesn't do a lot of adjusting. Still, it fits my baby, so I will use it.
I am hoping to open an online diaper store with the diapers I am planning on making. My original goal was to have this done by the end of September. I think I am looking more towards October for that to happen. But, I did get an order last week for 2 diapers, a wet bag and a diaper bag for a friend for a baby shower. I am thrilled with how they turned out and hope the recipient will be as well.
The kids are doing well. My oldest monkey turned 11 last month. She's started sixth grade and thinks she is on the road to adult-hood. She just found out last week that she is getting her 3rd poem published in the spring. I am proud of her for writing and entering her poems. I was always scared to enter my work in anything.
My middle child turned 4 in the summer. He asks me every day if its his birthday again because he wants to be 5 so he can go to karate with his big sister. And now that school has gotten back in session and the buses are running their routes, he watches out our big picture window with wide eyes and a drooly chin yearning for his chance to ride a school bus. Too bad. Homeschoolers ride their slippers to school. Not the bus.
My youngest is almost a year and a half. She is cutting massive amounts of teeth and growing. She has inherited my grace. The other night she fell down more times than she walked straight, leaving her with bruises and scrapes on her precious little face. She is also a climber, which has left her with bumps on her head from falling off of the things she is climbing. Her favorite place to be right now is perched atop the piano bench. She is very independent: she does not want help up or down, no help eating (which leads to big messes after meal time), and is not fond of hand holding when outside. Thank goodness she still likes to be held and to play with my hair when she's tired.

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  1. The jibberish you wrote about the diapers went over my head but cheers to you for having found a hobby you enjoy doing.

    I'm so glad that Amanda is alive. Totally sucks tho that she has to complete a tremendous amount of therapy. Is her boyfriend still around?

    My kiddos: Tyler hates doing classwork/assignments PERIOD. And his grades show it too:( But he's a great big brother to Trev. Sami just turned 8. She had her very first slumber party and loved it!!! She said it was the "Best night ever"! And school is a no brainer for her. Trevor, sweet Trev, is getting onrey(?) but he still plays with my hair when he's tired. I love it! And he is a climber too. He constantly had bruises on his head from falling off of stuff that he so dares to stand on.

    Miss you girl!!! And love you much Cuz!