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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well, this Is a sewing blog, right?

Time to catch up on the sewing news...
The oldest monkey needed some type of fanny pack to take to camp so she could keep the epi pen and inhaler nearby. I realized the day before camp that we had no such pack in the house. I made a mad dash to the super sized store to see what they had. The closest thing I could find was in the sporting goods section, right on the "Bubba" isle. It was a fanny pack, well, more like a gut pack. It was huge. About the size of a ladies hobo bag. Had a seat belt for a strap, and I kid you not, on either side of the bag part were cup holders!!! Non detachable cup/bottle holders. Bubba would love it out in the woods, or in the stream while a fishin', but my 10 year old would not be caught dead in it. And I am not cruel enough to force her to wear it 24/7 her first year at camp. I called another store to see if they had fanny packs, and the answer was no. I also dashed into the dollar store. No luck. So, I bought a buckle in the crafting department at the first store, and decided I'd make the pack myself. No pattern. Just simple design. I used some material that was already in my stash. Lined it with Maldin Mills fleece to make it a little padded and water resistant. The kiddo liked it! It's just big enough for the meds and a little pocket change and her camera. Woo Hoo!
Moving on, I stated a few blogs ago that I was off the cloth diaper hype for a while. Still cloth diapering, just not immersing myself all the time in all the information about it. And in April and May I sewed enough diapers I thought I'd be done for a while. Wrong-O. I am always looking for something new. Patterns, fabric, what have you. In May I purchased the new Jalie diaper pattern. I love it. It has 8 different sizes, and patterns for a cover, a fitted diaper, a pocket diaper, or an all in one diaper. The wings of it are a little different that what I am used to. Not hard or bad, just different. And I like them because they are made from scraps already cut so there's not much waste of the material. We've had company the last few weeks, so the sewing machine has been out of the way gathering dust again. I got it back out and wiped it off 2 days ago. Sewing is one of my favorite things to do. When I sew, I can neglect everything else that needs to be done in this house. And today the shape of my house proves it. Too bad! If I can figure out how to dump the pictures from my phone onto this bless-ed computer, you can take a gander at what I have been working on. But, I venture to guess that you have already guessed it. Can you say Diapers??? BINGO! Thanks to some wonderful ladies on a sewing diapers group I belong to, I discovered the Tighty Whitey Hipsters (free pattern) and the Trimsies pattern (not a free pattern, but doesn't break the bank). I have made 7 so far. 4 TWH and 3 Trimsies. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Both are low riders, side snappers, and super thin. I love them! What takes the longest time in assembling them is the snaps. I think it took me about 2 hours yesterday to apply 50 snaps. But with my handy dandy snap pliers it wasn't hard. Just time consuming in marking the placement, and then picking the colors to use! Please humor me and zoom in on the picture displaying the snaps. Notice the different colors used and how cute they are and if they make you think of gumballs or skittles. They did me!
I am finished sewing for today, but I am not going to put away the machine just yet. I am going to tidy the place up a bit and make the monkeys some supper, and then I believe we will go set up camp to watch the fabulous fire works display put on by the fairgrounds. Have a Happy 4th of July! Remember why we celebrate. It's not just another day to take advantage of sales going on, or an excuse for a fancy picnic. Its our Freedom, baby! Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, and by the way, these pictures are from my phone. Not my camera. My camera has not yet surfaced. which really leads me to really believe it is somewhere amidst the Burger King trash. sniff...sigh...taps playing in the background...