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Friday, March 20, 2009

My first craft show

One cup of coffee. One Splenda, 2 cream. It is very early in the morning (for me) to be up and already on the computer. Well, more truthfully, for me to be up at all! And I am already ready for the day. My 3 monkeys are still in bed snoozin', as is a darling little girl of a friend of mine, who is joining us for the morning. There are so many things I could be doing right now. ie: laundry, dishes, bills But I have chosen to fill my friends in on how the craft show this past weekend went!
My mom--my crafting partner-- and I were informed ahead of the weekend that the spring show is a little slower than the fall show. And then a few times on Saturday some of the other vendors informed us the same. Some were a tad discouraged if not down right irritated. However my mom and I had a wonderful time. We did not make our first million, we did not come close to selling out... of anything, but we did make a little bit of a profit, and we had a great time! We certainly enjoyed people watching, and once in a while gave commentary. (But I will not go into great detail of The Man Who Mooned Too Much) We got to chit chat with some familiar faces, we got to taste test one man's spice/dip booth--the absolute best out of MO! There were a few people who took my card, we got invited to 3 other craft shows, and we got a special order. I think for our very first time it was a very positive experience! And we will definitely be a part of the fall show.
My kids stayed with my dad and step-mom on Saturday. I think it was the first time that set of grandparents has watched all 3 of mine together. Both parties involved had a good time. I know the grandparents were more worn out than my monkeys at the end of the day. I am grateful they got the time together. Then first thing Sunday morning I received a phone call from the babysitter I had lined up that she was sick. I panicked for a moment and then I called my mom. We decided my eldest could go to church with some friends and then they would bring her to us at the show, we schmoozed grandpa Mike into keeping my son, and the bambino would come with us. I was a tad bit relieved, even in that moment, that I would not have to be humiliated and horrified of the condition my house had sunken to, and what the babysitter would have thought of it. Before you judge, grab the nearest 3 active children, let them run rampant in your home, and you sew your fingers to the core-- for weeks, and lets see what your house looks like! lol!! You know, I was really hoping for enough of a profit I could hire a maid to come stay with us for the rest of the month... ahh. What was that response? Did I hear a "Keep Dreamin' Sister"? Oh, the cruelty. lol!
Oh, lets back up for a moment. I mentioned my eldest would be dropped off to us after church. She was, and I was so grateful to my friends for doing so. And she was geared up to have a good time looking at all of the booths. She even brought her very own money. My firstborn perused and meandered looking at each and every booth, zigging and zagging her way throughout the entire building, getting ideas of what she wanted to purchase. She even made friends with 2 other girls around her age that were there with grandmas, and they palled around together for a while. Then, my daughter made her purchases. She bought a gift for one of her friends, a t-shirt for her little brother (monkey #2), a hillbilly telephone (which was a big stick, whittled into the shape of a phone receiver, with numbers drawn in sharpie, and hillbilly instructions on how to use it) for $3.00! and then a hunk of beeswax. I asked her what she would do with that hunk of beeswax. She said the lady told her she could make a candle, or if she rubbed it on her hands, it would make her hands soft. It was a dollar. I thought the lady should have been slapped for taking my daughter's dollar and in exchange giving her a chunk of beeswax. Sorry, that's just my opinion. How is my 10 year old going to make a candle from it??? HELLO. enough said. Anyway, her money is gone, but her heart is huge. She gave her brother the shirt, she gave the phone to her cousin, and the next time she sees her friend, will give that gift as well. I am very proud that she is such a generous child.
I am going to refill my coffee and check on the sleeping monkeys. And then I may sew some more today.

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