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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half way through the day, and still in my pajamas!

Once again I am still on the computer instead of doing the "house wifey/mommy/seamstress" duties. I am intrigued by all of the blogs I read about sewing and cooking and cloth diapering. I confessed to my sister last week that I did not think I was worthy of creating my own blog. However, I wanted to become a follower of a select few blogs, and to do so meant having to have my own blogger account, from what I understand. Don't you think that while I am creating my own account, I may as well have my own blog, too? Only makes sense to me. So, instead of getting up and getting all ready, I sat down at the computer with my cup of coffee to wander through this site and see if I could actually create an account and a page. Thank Heaven's the instructions are written for dummies! After taking my sweet time, I do believe a page has been born. And with this page comes responsibilities. Therefore, I solemnly promise to only post things I think are too wonderful to keep to myself. I will not post about the mundane things ie: today I cleaned the spilled coffee grinds off the floor, and that was it. I promise to not flaunt my family as being the best, most perfect family in the universe, because honey, let me tell you, we are not! I will not give financial advice because I am not a millionaire. But I will share the simple joys, the things that make me smile, and the things I continually learn that help me become a better wife, mommy, and friend. Fair? I hope you read and enjoy my future postings, even if you found them by accident.

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